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Start isolation, start saving

We are a small isolation business that is specialized in: stable insulation of existing and new stables, floor insulation and wall insulation. We only have one goal in mind. Of insulation you should benefit as long as possible and recover in the shortest possible time. We can advise you about the possibilities.

Therefore, we insulate with polyurethane foam (PUR). PUR is locally isolate quickly realized. Without fuss, no mess. Moreover shrink, sag or crumble the insulating material. No problems with rot ting to moisture, leaks and susceptible to ammonia.

Nothing to worry about

Through our years of experience we are extra alert on connections, cracks and crevices. We clean everything neatly. You have nothing to worry about. We work efficiently and quickly with professional equipment and are therefore affordable.

KOMO BKB Certified
All orders are executed according to the NEN standards including the necessary certificates and guarantee.

Ventilation shaft

No drafts, constant temperature, lower energy costs. Exhaust duct insulation improves health and promotes growth. Our PUR insulation is applied locally and attaches seamlessly to any under ground and form.

Stable insulation

Higher production, lower disease pressure, lower heating costs. You realize with insulation. We are specialized in stable insulation. Our motto: Insulation should have a long life and be quickly recouped.

Wall insulation

Always come home in a cozy house with wall cavity and wall insulation. It also saves you an average family home for about € 550 per year! Cavity wall insulation you’ve recouped within 3-5 years.

Floor insultation

Cold feet or cold climate at home? Insulate your floor. Our experienced people spray polyurethane insulation flush against the bottom of the floor. The lifetime is very long even under extreme outdoor conditions such as high groundwater.


What does insulate cost?

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